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      Are You Gonna Go My Way
      Sunshine Reggae
      Sing Hallelujah

20 Years Mambo Kurt

Tour 2017

18.11.2017 Helldorado Eindhoven [NL]
24.11.2017 Veedel Club Köln [DE]
25.11.2017 Café TE Transeuropa Worms [DE]
26.11.2017 Chili Royal Wuppertal [DE]
30.11.2017 Nuke Club Berlin [DE]
01.12.2017 Irish Harp Pub Lutherstadt Wittenberg [DE]
02.12.2017 East Club Bischofswerda [DE]
03.12.2017 Rocket Club Landshut [DE]
06.12.2017 Stadtwerkstatt Linz [AT]
07.12.2017 Chelsea Wien [AT]
08.12.2017 PPC Graz [AT]
09.12.2017 ARGEkultur Salzburg [AT]
13.12.2017 Strom München [AT]
14.12.2017 SoHo Stage Augsburg [DE]
15.12.2017 Spitalkeller Offenburg [DE]
16.12.2017 Oetinger Villa Darmstadt [DE]
17.12.2017 Weihnachtsmarkt Rastatt [DE]
19.12.2017 Nachtleben Frankfurt [DE]
26.12.2017 Kulturrampe Krefeld [DE]
27.12.2017 Logo Hamburg [DE]
29.12.2017 Café Central Weinheim [DE]
30.12.2017 Eventhalle Westpark Ingolstadt [DE]


Mambo Kurt – King of electric organ

There’s days, when „ABBA“ is too heavy or „Slayer“ is too soft. For every other mood, there is Mambo Kurt. Our beloved, slightly manic god of the keyboard has prepared a sweet composition of new-interpreted smash-hits on his sacred electric organ. In his show, he performs in his genuine style, that puts a smile on the faces and a grove in the feet of every single one of his listeners. It is a pure joy how Mambo Kurt celebrates the high art of missing parts and not knowing how to sing. Every song is an homage to the originator. The trash-hype during the millennium made Mambo famous and brought him to several TV shows, including appearances on RTL, VIVA2, ARD and ARTE.

Mambo Kurt